I would like any file under the root of a certain domain name to redirect to
a PHP template file.

For instance, I would like a request for /services/ to redirect to
http://myhost/index.php?path=/services/ . This is similar to what PHP.Net
does with their function lookup shortcut (where you can go to
http://php.net/function-name instead of the longer equivalent.)

I have it set up with mod_rewrite as follows:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule  ^(.+)  /path/to/index.php?path=$1  [L]

The only problem is that Apache is considering this a redirect, and is thus
overwriting my $1 with the name of the current file (index.php.) The only
place I can find the original file is
HTTP_SERVER_VARS["REDIRECT_QUERY_STRING"]. Is there a way to pull out the
name of the original file without going through extracting $HTTP_SERVER_VARS
and the like?

BTW, I know there was a post on how PHP.Net did the function shortcut a
while back. If someone can post a link to that again, I'd be grateful. I
can't seem to find it.


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