Hi there,

I am a Linux newbie and I would reallly like to get this thing working on
RH7.2 But it does not work out!

A "normal" PHP4.1.1 installation works. But I need gd2.0 and JPEG support.
Thats where my knowledge ends.

I tryed following configue line:

./ configure --with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs --with-mysql --with-gd --with-jpeg

It compiles and after restarting apache the normal php works.  While trying
to use gd I get following errormsg:

no JPEG support in this php build
imagecreatetruecolor requires gd2.0 or later

Is there someone out ther who knows the propper configure line?? Thank you
so much for any help

Cheers Andy

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