it's to do with the length of a line - I think it's 1024 - if a lines longer
than that, an ! is put there and a new line is made


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Has anybody every had problems with random characters showing up in HTML 
email messages?

I've set up an auto-responding email system for product purchasing and 
registration. The system sends multipart HTML and plain text messages 
using mail(). However, exclamation points are showing up in random 
places. I have no idea where they come from... over and over I've looked 
at my source code but can't find any correlation.

For example, here's a clip from an email message:
If you need any assistance, or would like to arrange another method of
delivery, please conta! ct:

And the code that generates this text looks like:
$email_html .= "</b></font><font face=\"Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, 
sans-serif\" size=\"2\" color=\"#333333\">";
$email_html .= "If you need any assistance, or would like to arrange 
another method of<br>delivery, please contact:";
$email_html .= "</font></p><p><a 
href=\"mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]\";>";

Sorry this is so hard to read... but the point is that the '!' is not in 
my code. When I make subtle changes to the code, the '!' shows up in 
other places.

Steven J. Walker
Walker Effects

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