Try doing it by yourself.
$the_str = str_replace('"','\"',$the_str);
$the_str = str_replace("'","\\'",$the_str);

This is a little hack until you find what is the problem with addslashes();

Best regards,
Andrey Hristov
IcyGEN Corporation

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From: "Tim Thorburn" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 9:39 AM
Subject: [PHP] Entering data into MySQL

> Hi,
> I'm having troubles entering information from a form into a MySQL 
> database.  Specifically if the user enters an apostrophe anywhere in the 
> form, all the information is rejected and nothing is entered into the database.
> After researching a little on I found the addslashes() command - 
> this did help briefly and I was able to use apostrophe's in the form ... 
> but it seems as the problem has resurfaced.
> To make matters more frustrating, the addslashes() command works perfectly 
> well on my local test machine (Win2k Pro, PHP 4.1.1, MySQL 3.23.44, Apache 
> 1.3.23) but not at all on the server which is hosted by another company 
> (Sun Solaris, PHP 3.0.16, MySQL 3.22.32, Apache 1.3.12).
> Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the addslashes() command worked 
> for a short time on the webserver and why it stopped?  Or better yet, is 
> there a variation of addslashes() that will work on an older version of PHP 
> such as 3.0.16?
> I'd be eternally grateful for any prompt replies as its already 2.38am and 
> my deadline is 9am :P
> Thank you
> -Tim Thorburn
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