I'm trying to pass vars into a php (html) file that uses FRAMES -- top, main
and bottom.

The TOP frame has my menu items.  The MAIN frame will show the pages, and
the BOTTOM frame will have my footer stuff --

Now, when I click on a menu item in the TOP frame I want the TOP and MAIN
frames to update.  My frame page is named: index.php and it links to
head.php (goes in TOP frame), body.php (goes in MAIN frame), and footer.php
(goes in BOTTOM frame.)

So, what I tried (seems logical enough) is to simply call the INDEX.PHP file
with some vars attached, like so <a href=
target=_top>Load Page</a>

Within the Index.php Frames Page (which the var gets passed to) the other
pages don't seem to recognize the var and simply do nothing --

For example -- in the head.php file I have it update an image if s=1, and in
the body.php file, if s=1 a certain page loads -- this all works fine
without frames.

Any suggestions -- I want to use frames if I can, and avoid Java.


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