> Personally when I'm doing teasers I strip all HTML from the content 
> before using substr:
> $teaser = strip_tags($content);
> $teaser = substr($teaser, 0, 100);
> $teaser .= '...';     // Nice touch to have a '...' on the end :)

You don't have a handy way to check that your substr() doesn't cut off
half-way through a word, do you?

I'm up against this issue myself at the moment and it's a PITA to sort out -
I keep getting things like "Fnord fnord fnord fnord fnord fno", where the
last "fnord" is missing its "rd".

It's bound to be a case of stepping back through the string until a space is
encountered, and then keeping everything to the left of that, but I haven't
worked out an elegant way to do it yet :-)


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