In JavaScript define varaible which is global for this page, name it 
like  page_submited, by default set it to false. On submit event set 
this variable to true and then from JavaScript submit form. When user 
second time will try to submit the form do nothig, just leave function 
code. Your JvaScript code is enabled durring your html page is in 
browesr so it will have to work. I suppose there isn't any other solution.

Here is simple code

<script language=JavaSript>
   form_submited = 0;

function submit_only_one() {
   if ( form_submited ) {
     return 1;
   } else {
     form_submited = 1;
     document.forms[ 'name_of_your_formform' ].submit();


<input type=button onclick="JavaScript:submit_only_one()">

I hope I didn't make any JavaScript code errors, I didn't use it for 
long time.

Good luck


Andy wrote:

> Hi there,
> I would like to upload files using a form.
> Unfortunatelly it takes a while till the file is uploaded to the server.
> During this time the same page with the submit button is viewed. If the user
> clicks another time on the submit button, I get wrong records and sometimes
> the same file twice.
> Is there a way to redirect imediatelly to a waiting page? I tryed to
> redirect, but somehow the server is first uploading the file before
> something else happens.
> Thanx for any help
> Andy

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