I'm hoping to get some help with a sessions problem i've
ran into.  track_vars is enabled and register_globals is off.
i'm using PHP 4.0.6 and custom session handlers with ADODB
connecting to mysql.

at the top:


if (!isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS["old_folder"])) {
        echo "NOT SET<br>\n";
        $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["old_folder"] = 1;;
} else {
        echo "IT IS SET: {$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["old_folder"]}<br>\n";

in the middle of a switch statement:

$nasty_folder = $HTTP_GET_VARS["folder"];
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["old_folder"] = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["old_folder"] + 444;
if (isset($HTTP_SESSION_VARS["old_folder"])) {
                echo "ADDED 444: {$HTTP_SESSION_VARS["old_folder"]}<br>\n";
} else {
                echo "FAILED TO ADD<BR>\n";


first time through it prints "NOT SET".
second time, without finding my way into the switch it prints "IT IS SET: 1".
third time, before going into the case with + 444, it prints "IT IS SET: 1", then
i make it into the case and promptly prints "ADDED 444: 445" as the next line.
fourth time, i would expect "IT IS SET: 445" without worrying about where i 
wonder in the switch. can anyone tell me why this isn't working?

i do have many lines of code in between but, none deals with HTTP_SESSION_VARS.
the only other use i'm making of sessions is setting $uID = $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["uID"]
well before the switch statement.  $HTTP_SESSION_VARS["uID"] gets set many pages
and other PHP scripts before and i just reuse it (as sessions were intended).

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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