Hi all,

I have a page that post a lot of variables to the next page. It looks

<form action=next_page.php>
<input type=text name=f_text1>
<input type=text name=f_text2>

<select name=f_multiple1[] multiple size=6>
<option value=1>one
<option value=2>two
<option value=3>three

<input type=submit>

On next.php I can access all the values through: $f_text1, $f_text2, and
an array $f_multiple1. My question is, how can I pack all of these
variables from previous page _without_knowing_ the variables name? I mean,
I know I can write:

$array = array("text1" => $f_text1, "text2" => $f_text2, "multiple1" =>

But that is not what I want, it is more like:

or in Perl:
%params = $q->Vars;

And poof, all the values from previous will be inserted into an array.


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