hmm, sounds like a good idea, i'll give it a try.

it seems too, that if i dont break up my text, i.e. print all of it in one
long line, it runs a lot faster

i'm running this under Win2k, i got a PIII i dunno how many mhz(it's a
college PC, and everything is locked down on me) but i'd guess at 800mhz
or something like that. i think i'm also running about 256mb or ram. 

so my specs are pretty good, i would imagine. 

i'll look into the multiple images soloution.


i'll get back to y'all with my results.


On Mon, Feb 25, 2002 at 01:21:42PM -0500, Michael Kimsal wrote:
> Holy cow that's a big graphic.
> 20 seconds does sound a tad long, but might not be depending on the 
> server and memory - what are the specs?
> What might possibly speed it up a bit is to create multiple small 
> versions first (20 one line graphics, for example) and build them all 
> together at the end by loading and copying into the final large area - 
> this MIGHT cut down time a bit, because all the drawing operations would 
> take place against a smaller memory area.  Just a hunch though.
> Conor McTernan wrote:
> >I'm currently using the GD extension to generate dynamic PNG's containing
> >text, that should eventually be coming from a database. 
> >
> >the deal is, it seems to take a long time, which is probably my own fault,
> >seeing that I'm generating so much text. I am generating an image
> >containing approx 160 lines of text, and it takes about 20seconds to
> >create, this unfortunatley is too long for me. 
> >
> >I was wondering if this is a common time with GD or if I am doing
> >something wrong. 
> >
> >Coding wise, I currently read the text in from a file, then put the text
> >into an array, each line being a seperate entry in the array. I then
> >create a PNG image approx 490*1848(i change the image size depending on
> >the amount of text). I dont do anything really strange in my image
> >function, apart from performing a wordwrap on the text before i start
> >displaying it, just to make the image readable. 
> >
> >ideally I would like this to come in considerably quicker. that said, if
> >this is going to be used, it will probably done as a cron job, so if need
> >be I will have toaccept it being super slow.
> >
> >any help is appreciated bros
> >
> >Conor
> >
> >
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