Well, you have to destroy the session... see session_destroy()

I never tried this, but you can call a PHP script on the onUnLoad event
of the body page... so when the window is closed, it calls a given
script and this script destroy the session.


El lun, 25-02-2002 a las 12:29, Beta escribió:
> BlankHI, i have a problem,
> When i close the browser the session is NOT killed, when i enter the page
> that requires login  i can enter the page that was previosly entered via
> login (but i closed it). So it remembers session or cookies i don't know.
> How to prevent this, How to kill the session when i close the browser
> In php.ini  session.cookie_lifetime is set to 0 and  session.cache_expire is
> set to 180
> can somebody help me please
> Beta

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