This is really an html issue. HTML will only text wrap (in a compliant
browser) on white space. If you want a server side solution to solve this
you'll need to break up long words with a space or line-break.

Tim Ward
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        From:  Michael P. Carel [SMTP:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
        Sent:  26 February 2002 04:37
        To:  php
        Subject:  word wrapping again

        Hi there,

        Is there any function that can i used in wrapping a continuous line
of words
        that will be displayed in the HTML table  to avoid destroying its
        format. I've tried wordwrapping function but it only wraps word with
        between them. I have a REPORT NO. that is  continously incrementing
        why i need that approach. The table will be destroyed if it contains
        continuous line of alhanumeric numbers.

        Please help.


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