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* and then Simon Willison declared....
> Another different of doing the same kind of thing would be to use an 
> "object factory" as seen in the PEAR DB abstraction layer. This works by 
> having a static class method (i.e a method that can be called without 
> creating an instance of the class first) which returns a different 
> object depending on what arguments you use. Here is an example (it 
> expects FormEN and FormDK to have been defined as above):
> class Form {
>    function getFormObject($language) {
>        if ($language == 'dk') {
>            return new FormDK;
>        } else {
>            return new FormEN;
>        }
> }
> You can now create you object with the following code:
> $form = Form::getFormObject('en');
> or
> $form = Form::getFormObject('dk');

Yep, I'll give that a go. That seems to be a nice clean way to do it and
I understand it a little better than your first example. :: is a
construct I've not used in php before. I know of Pear and have seen the
:: jobbie before but thought it unique to Pear and not available to
mear mortals. 

Thanks very much...
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