> I am trying to set up a MIME email that would include an HTML and Plain
> Text version of content, such that if the recipient's email client did
> not understand html or have  html disabled, that the content would come
> through as plain text, but if html were accepted, the plain text would
> be ignored so that it did not show as duplication.
> What I have currently works good for the html but the plain text shows
> up as well. The mail class is from PROFESSIONAL PHP PROGRAMMING.
> Snippet of code is:
> include("include/plain.inc"); // the plain text version --
> returns $body
> include("include/format.inc"); // html version -- returns
> $data
> $subject = "";
> $to = "[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
> $from = "adfarm";
> // create an instance
> $mail = new mime_mail;
> $mail->from = $from;
> $mail->to = $to;
> $mail->subject = $subject;
> $mail->body = "";
> $content_type="text/html; charset=us-ascii";
> $mail->add_attachment($data, "", $content_type);
> $content_type="text/plain";
> $mail->add_attachment($body, "", $content_type);
> $mail->send();
> echo("<h2>Newsletter has been sent.</h2>");

It is a good idea to have some content in text even though the main message is in HTML 
- for those who have
text-only email clients! However not all clients handle the one-or-the-other scenario. 
So your 'problem' may be
with the particular client, or may be with the MIME encoding.

Recommend a visit to http://ww.phpguru.org/ and adapt/upgrade to the MIME and SMTP 
classes there (download
includes a set of examples - one sounds just like your construction). Have no 
complaints with my
service/combined HTML and simple-text messages, built on these classes!


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