I don't about accessing a serial port directly from PHP, but you can control
an X10 Firecracker on a Linix/BSD system by using the exec() command to run


I threw together a script that would turn a lamp on and off from a web page
without to much difficulty.  As if that wasn't geeky enough, I pointed a
webcam at it so that people could watch the light go on and off as they
clicked the link. :)  Having the light turn on and off without warning got
old pretty quickly, so I took the script down... neat stuff, though!


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> From: Ken Lancaster [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]

> I was hoping to work on a hairbrained idea that would allow me to
> use php to
> control an X10 or other serial device (security system, irrigation
> controller, etc,).  I have read several hints at using the fopen
> function to
> do serial communications but these posts were a year old.   Is it possbile
> to do serial communications using php.  What are the options?
> Thanks in advance for your help.

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