Ben Clumeck wrote:
> I am trying to create website similar to ones that credit card companies use
> to provide their clients with transaction history of their credit cards.
> What I have seen is that they uses template pages and call the results from
> a database.  When going to the different template pages would the variables
> carryover from the login page to the subsequent pages or how would that
> work?  Would MySQL be powerful enough to support something like this?
> Please give me your thoughts.
> Ben

It's more than capable, depending on your needs.  Do you want to support 
hundreds or thousands of simultaneous users?  MySQL might not be your 
best bet.  Dozens-hundreds, yes.

The MySQL question is unrelated to the 'variables' carryover - that has 
to do with the concept of sessions. should have more 
info, although that mechanism isn't the only way of doing it.  :)

If you're looking to do something commercial, and need support, my 
company would be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail and 
advise/consult/develop as necessary (as I'm sure others on the list 
would too).  If you're looking for a personal site, or learning, or a 
proof of concept, there are many good code examples and tutorials at 
places like and  (and if memory 
servers, right boaz?)  :)

Good luck.  :)

Michael Kimsal

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