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Thank you - but that wasn't the question - as you can see, I started the 
second paragraph with a reference to that function - my problem is what 
I compare the result to - i.e. how do I find out *my* UID, not the file's.

Mr. Kelly's solution should work, but it's rather absurd (from a PHP 
point of view) to have to create a file just to find out what my uid 
is... I'm sure there should be a more reasonable method - but I don't 
know it. Hoping somebody does... ;-)



Stewart Gateley wrote:

>$owner = fileowner ($file);
>returns a string containing the owner or false. see
>-- Stewart
>--- Bogdan Stancescu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Hello all!
>>How do I find out if a file was actually uploaded /without/ using 
>>My first though is that I should use fileowner() on the file and see
>>it's the same as the user who runs PHP (Apache) - but how do I find
>>out? I don't want to use exec("id -u") either because the syntax may
>>different for distinct systems and I'd like to avoid system calls if 
>>I'm open to any suggestions to solve the original problem - not 
>>necessarily using UID's.
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