Does your script take longer than the default 30 seconds? It might be timing
out and dying. You may just need to give the script time to finish by making
the max_execution_time longer.

"Matthew Delmarter" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I am using a script to send mail directly to the SMTP socket. It
> seemed to work OK for the first 200 emails - then stops sending them.
> Is there something I'm missing here?
> As you may be able to tell I'm trying to come to grips with how
> sockets/SMTP works. Is it like this...
> 1. I open the socket to the SMTP server
> 2. I fire the mail through - a few thousand emails
> 3. I close the socket
> Do I have to close and reopen the socket every few hundred emails?
> Regards,
> Matthew Delmarter

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