Greetings Svavar

My SMTP server requests I use a password for every time I send(not IP based).  How is 
it possible to let PHP to
use password authentication when mail is sent.

I have been looking at this, and made a note to come back to take a look at a 'likely 
candidate'. Of course,
couldn't find it again when I read your msg...

Check out
Can send emails with multiple TOs, CCs, BCCs and REPLY-TOs
Redundant SMTP servers
Multipart/alternative emails for mail clients that do not read HTML email
Support for 8bit, base64, binary, and quoted-printable encoding
Uses the same methods as the very popular AspEmail active server (COM) component
SMTP authentication
Word wrap

You're a bit ahead of me! I haven't used the s/w.
Nor did I notice any of the examples using SMTP-Auth.
I don't recognise any of the project team's names.
So I can't give you a definitive 'yes' or 'no' recommendation.

If you try it, will you please share some feedback?


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