I assume that you are doing something like this for your image:

<input type="image" src="path/to/image/image.gif" border="0" name="myimage">

Given that, PHP gives you $myimage_x and $myimage_y which correspond to the
X and Y coordinates that were clicked on the image from the user.

So on the page that your form submits to, you can do the following:

if (isset($myimage_x) || isset($myimage_y)) {
    // do something

If the image was clicked, this will submit your form, and both $myimage_x
and $myimage_y will be set.


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Subject: [PHP] Unusual Form situation?

> I have form I am working with and trying to add some PHP processing to the
> form's contents.
> The form is a html template used by a CGI script.
> So, instead of having a 'submit' button for the form's content, there is a
> GIF.  The CGI apparently reads the GIF as a button to submit the form's
> content and move on.
> How would I go about getting php to recognize this GIF as such?  Typically
> for forms I use:
> if ($submit) { blah, blah, blah }
> Would I use if ($gifname)? Would the the GIF's name be the ALT tag?  Or am
> going to have to sift through the arcane CGI to find some action?
> Can I make the PHP come to life using the ACTION section of the form
> only refers to the CGI right now)?
> Thanks,
> -Mike
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