I'm having this one issue that's really bugging me - I have a textarea where 
you can type in something - After typing it in, it goes to another page 
asking you to verify, if it's correct, it inserts it into a database.

The page that asks you to verify holds the value of the textbox in a hidden 
form field.  If the value the user entered in contains any single (') or 
double (") quotes, it will mess everything up.  Single quotes end up having a 
backslash thrown automatically in front of it, and it inserts it into the 
database WITH THE backslash.  If there are double quotes, the HTML will get 
messed up due to the fact that when it sees the quote, it will cut off the 
rest of the value because if:

value="this is an example: "Hello how are you"." >

everything after example: is going to get cut off.

I tried putting the value in a query string, but when traveling across two 
pages, it seems to do the exact same thing.  

Any suggestions?

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