On Thursday 28 February 2002 19:09, Gunther E. Biernat wrote:
> Guys,
> I'm trying to output the result of a shell command within a page. Problem
> is, when it's a command with short execution time like echo shell_exec("ls
> -la");
> it works fine, but the command I'm really trying to execute takes 2-3
> seconds before having calculated the response and by then, the page is
> already done and the output of the command isn't included.
> I played around with the settings in php.ini, but none of them changed the
> problem. Maybe an Apache problem?
> What am I missing?

The shell_exec() function *waits* for the output from the command. I tried:

  echo shell_exec("find / -name *.doc");

which takes nearly 2 minutes to complete and I still got the complete output.

Are you sure your command returns some output? Have you tried it within a 
real shell?

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