eoghan wrote:

>whats the difference between
>print and echo ?
 From memory, print() is a function while echo is a language construct. 
The major difference is that you can use echo with a comma seperated 
list of arguments, while print requires you to concatenate strings. For 

echo "hello ", "world";
print "hello "."world";

Of these two the echo command is more efficient. The print statement 
requires PHP to create a new string in memory and copy "hello " and 
"world" into it, then display that string. The echo command does not 
require the new string creation step - instead it sends "hello " to the 
browser, then sends "world" to the browser without needing to stick them 
together in memory first.

The difference in performance however is minimal to the point of being 
completely un-noticable.

I think that's the difference anyway :)


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