Kristjan Kanarik wrote:
> Hi,
> I've never had reason to get deeply into array functions, but now it is
> very likely needed. I'm working on a small search engine (to search
> text from articles) and I'm not sure wheter I will be able to complete it
> without any external help.
> I feel very uncomfortable both with array's and complicated SQL queries,
> therefore I wonder if somebody could show me the way? The solution letting
> MySQL to do the job is probably faster and therefore prefered... I guess.
> Or not?

You are right to let MySQL handle the job.  If you've a moderately 
recent version of MySQL, you should investigate the idea of 'FULLTEXT' 
searching.  Basically you create a FULLTEXT index on one or more columns 
in a table, and have MySQL do a 'match' of a phrase against that index. 
  It'll handle multiple words in a phrase, and filter out stop words, 
etc.  It's pretty handy, and can return 'relevance', although it won't 
be '# of times word occured' as you're looking for.

Contact me if you want more info.

Michael Kimsal

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