Hello PHP'ers.

First of all - scince joining this list I have got some great help and it is
really helping my build me site so a BIG thank you to all. 

Now back to the help..........

I have a table with cols, and say 20 rows in this table.

col: 1  2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9       10
row: notnull            stuff   4               test    blah    duh     dud
     notnull    stuf            blah    blah    test            duh     dud

as you can see col 1 is ALWAYS populated as it is notnull the rest
are/aren't populated.

I want to search on this table (in real life it has hundreds of rows)

so select * from testable;

I then want to generate a HTML table in php DEPENDING on how many rows are

so for example the table for row 1 would look like this

1       notnull
4       stuff
5       4
7       test
8       blah
9       duh
10      dud

while row 2 would look

1       notnull
3       stuff
5       blah    
6       blah    
7       blah
9       duh
10      dud

I am thinking I would have to do some sort of while loop on an array of all
fields, but how would I single out the null fields in the array and generate
everything else ????



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