The reason that $ns1 is getting set to 1 so many times is because you are
doing this:

picking a random number between 900000 and 1200000.
using number_format to convert that number into a string such as 900,000 or 1,200,000.
Then using that *string* in a mathmatical operation.

So, for as soon as $ns1 is greater than 1,000,000 it is *always* going to
evaluate to 1 in your third line.

At least I think so... on my machine if I do this:

$x = number_format("1,234 + 5");

$x gets set to "1".

Take out all but the last number_format() function and see what happens.


On Thu, 28 Feb 2002, Roy Cabaniss wrote:

> I have a very simple php page which I am creating an accounting tutorial
> from.   I am writing all of the equations on an include file and then calling
> the file at the beginning of the appropriate pages
> My problems lie in inconsistant arithmatic operations. For some reason the
> equation for $gm1 does not always act as though $ns1 has a value.  Only about
> 30% of the time does $gm1 give the number I expect to see.  The rest of the
> time what I get is a negative (-$cogs1 +1).   As if you had taken 1 and
> subtracted $cogs1.  All help MUCH appreciated.
> srand ((double) microtime() * 1000000);
> #### Income statement
> $ns1=number_format(rand(900,1200)*1000) ;
> $cogs1=number_format(rand(450,600)*1000) ;
> $gm1=number_format (($ns1 - $cogs1) * 1000);
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> Associate Professor of Business
> University of Arkansas Monticello
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