I have 2 problems. 

Problem #1: 
I need to make a simple chat page. When a user logs in, he should be able to 
see everyone that is logged in, and send messages to all. Just that. Its not 
necessary that they send messages to a particular person. I need just one 
It may be simple, but I have no experience making web pages. 

Problem #2: 
The first one to enter the chat is redirected to another page, where he can 
make experiments. When he exits this page, a pop-up message should appear in 
the second to enter´s screen, asking if he wants to enter the experiment or 
not. If he answers yes, he will be redirected to the "another page", if not, 
he will go to the last place of the FIFO, and the pop-up message should 
appear to the next in the FIFO. And so on. 

If anybody could help me with any of this problems I would be grateful. 
Remember I have no experience with web pages, php, javascript, so it would 
be good if there is no difficult terms in the explanation. Thanx. 

Danilo Dias 

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