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"Brian Petro" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I've got a site that I've used php to include the navigation bar as a
> separate file.  Within that nav-bar is a small php application.  I have no
> problem including the php nav-bar file and it gets parsed by php and the
> application works.  The problem is that I also want to use the same file
> include for the navigation in a dynamic "thank you" page that is generated
> by a php-based form processor.  I'm using's php form processor
> which I really like.  The "dynamic" "thank you" page that it generates is
> actually a hard coded html page which phorm.php parses to replace form
> variables.  I think my best way to do what I want is to have the script
> the nav-bar file, parse it through php, then take the string results and
> a variable equal to that string.  That way I can still use the script's
> built in parsing that replaces form variables in the hard coded "thank
> page.  Does anyone know the syntax to do this?  I understand the concept,
> but I'm way over my head.
> Thanks!

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