Tim Thorburn wrote:

> I've setup a form that users to our site fill out to request to be 
> added to our listings.  Currently its setup so that the user fills out 
> the form, and the information is emailed to me for reviewing - however 
> I'd like to carry it a step further and enter only some of the emailed 
> information automatically into a MySQL database.
> The way the script is setup now, it gathers the information from the 
> previous form, sends the email, and then is supposed to enter itself 
> into the database.  Although it doesn't get this far - it seems that 
> once the mail command is used, there is nothing left over - and vice 
> versa.
> Is it not possible to do two things with the same form data?

It's definitely possible. Sounds like your script has a bug in it, but 
without seeing the code there's not much we can do to help :)

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