Hi guys, I hope someone out there can help me.

I just ran into an interesting issue.

Basically, I am working on a php-powered template which works
in two different languages (English and Ukrainian):


When you go to this address (!in Netscape), everything's fine.
Also everything's fine when you manually change the variable lang= in
string. But! Try to click flags on the template and that's where I 
run to an error message.

Basically what I do there is I use <a href='?lang=ukr'>IMAGE</a>

I assume the problem is because I don't specify which file I want to 
pass the variable lang to... But it works fine in IE, and works fine on
on my linux machine.

Also, the same story goes to menu on the left hand side.

If someone can help me here, that would be greatly appreciated.

I mean apparently it will work if I specify which file I want to go
But I am just curious if there's another way around...

Thanks a lot in advance,

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