I have exactly the same problem! Anyone who can help?


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Hello All,

Ok , I am about to loose my mind... this list is my last option i think  :)

this is what i have tried :
system("convert -pen black -draw 'text 120,60 YourText Here'  imageA.jpg
The above does not work , the most i can get it imageA.jpg Becomes
imageB.jpg but the text does not get drawn

I striped the slashes, this does not work either, i su - to what my
webserver runs on to see if i can run the system command
via console, it works just fine , so i tried :

$a = escapeshellcmd('-pen black -draw');
$b = escapeshellarg('text 120,20  YourTextHere);
$c = escapeshellcmd("test.jpg doggy.jpg");
system("convert $a $b $c");

Same as the above, imageA becomes imageB and thats it. Permissions for
testing are -rwxrwxrwx

a basic test with system("convert -scale 500x600" imageA.jpg imageB.jpg"); =
Works Perfect

I am sorry for coming to the list for help , but i am at a final loss, i
have also tried shell_exec and exec to clear anything up. I have hit the
imagemagick mail list and i got  "Php Might have some issues" so if anyone
can lend a hand to get that system command to work , i would be most

Best Wishes
Rick Wilson

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