Got a, I think, pretty easy question if you know of it.

Running Apache with PHP. I always get a 500 Error page when I try to access
the php file. I have run php.exe -i and it all looks good. I am running php
as a DSO under Apache. In Apache error.log there is a line that say

"[Fri Mar 01 13:30:46 2002] [error] [client] couldn't spawn child
process: c:/program files/apache group/apache/htdocs/php/test.php"

Here is the relevant lines in httpd.conf:

LoadModule php4_module modules/php4apache.dll
AddModule mod_php4.c

ScriptAlias /php/ "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/htdocs/php/"
<Directory "C:/Program Files/Apache Group/Apache/htdocs/php">
     AllowOverride None
     Options None
     Order allow,deny
     Allow from all

I suspect that there is an error there somewhere, but can't figure out what.



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