I have MySQL Max 4.0.1-2 alpha installed on my server.  I am using the PHP
PEAR DB interface to access it.  The version of PHP is the latest, 4.1.2.

My question is -- how do I implement the locking of rows through PEAR?  I am
aiming to support transactions in my application.

>From what I understand, implementing requires persistent database
connections.  With my PEAR experience so far, I've only done the basic steps
of interfacing with the database.  I do this in separate functions -- one
for getting the data and displaying it in forms, and one for saving the
data.  In each function, a database connection is made and then
disconnected.  Hence the connections are not persistent.

Because this uses more than one function, does this approach make locking
impossible, and hence necessitating a rewrite of the database portion of my

Perhaps someone knows of a web page that addresses PEAR/DB locking, or could
share some tips?

Aaron Gould
Web Developer

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