Hello, I am writing software which uses MySQL as a
backend. I need to accept Arabic form input, store it
in MySQL, and use it later. I don't believe MySQL
supports Unicode except in BLOB column types, so I
want to convert it to NCR (numeric character html
entities). After looking at iconv() and recode(), I
think I need to use mb_encode_numericentity(). Some

1) Does that sound right? Accept Arabic form input and
then use mb_encode_numericentity() to convert it to
html character entities and then store in db?

2) Does anyone know where I can get a conversion map
for Arabic text? I'm still not sure what the encoding
is used by browsers to submit Arabic, iso-8859-6 I am

3) Any other words of advice? :)

Thank you for any help! I have spent a lot of time
poring over manuals and technical papers to learn this
i18n stuff but I am stuck with the best way to
implement this in a web application I need to finish
(a non-commercial web project). Thank you!


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