Ok - the scenario:

I have a box that I lease... I have root privs, so I can do almost anything
I want to it.  Almost being the key word.  Unfortunately, any time I try to
upgrade a base library, I snafu the thing, and the datacenter has to rebuild
the libraries.

Right now, I've got php4.0.4pl1 to compile with a jurry rigged GD 1.8.4...
It's patched to disable freetype, and jpeg and png... since the version of
the GD libraries that are installed only support GIF -- and as I mention, if
I try to install new ones, the machine fubars...

My Question:

Has anyone been able to (or can anyone suggest a means to) build PHP (I'm
going to move up to v4.1.2) with a statically linked GD that has all the
bells and whistles?

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