I have written a script to do some massmailing - it extracts an email
address from a MySQL database and uses it to send a text file as a mail
message. It works but there is a 75 second delay between each message
being sent out!

This is baffling - there are no delays built into the script and nothing
obvious in our sendmail configuration. As I've got over 38000 addresses to
mail out to, this is a problem - I've got round it for now by running 10
scripts simultaneously, each handling 1000 addresses and this has got mail

The mail() function seems to call sendmail -t -i. This just sits there for
75 seconds, then sends a message and then waits for another 75 seconds.
Surely this should not happen?

Here's the relevant parts of the script - the email address is in column
15 of the MySQL table, so it just extracts field 14 for the email address


        $query="select * from $table";
        $result=mysql($dbname, $query);

        while ($r < $rows ) {

Any suggestions or pointers to where I'm going wrong will be warmly


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