On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Jon Feldhammer wrote:

> The way I see it, there are three options for maintaining state in php.
> I've already taken the route of keeping a random session id and putting it
> into a database to track a user/cart.  So the only variable i need to track
> is the session id.  The three options I know of then are:

        Did I understand correctly you are implementing your own
        session handling? Why not use PHP's native sessions?

> search engines like these).  Also, with option 1 you need to have a <?php
> echo "?session_id=$session_id" ?> type line in every href which is a pain in
> the ass.  Option 2 is great, if the user uses cookies, if not, you cannot

        This can be automated with --enable-trans-sid.

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