Variables can only be passed to a PHP script via POST or GET.  So if you
want to pass JavaScript variables to a PHP script, you must do it that

For your second question, look for the function in
JavaScript.  Your code would look something like this:

< form >
< input type="button" value="Press Me"
onClick=",width=400,other parameters);"
< /form >

You must include the form tags for the button to render properly in

On Sat, 2002-03-02 at 12:11, Philip J. Newman wrote:
> Hi there, I have a few java scripts that have some verables that I wish to
> pass along to my PHP scripts.  Any ideas where to start.
> Oh yah and noting to do with PHP ------
> Can anyone give me a small java script that will pop up a 400x400pix window
> when a button is clicked ... can't wortk that out
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