On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, jtjohnston wrote:

>No one seems to be home at my favourite apache newsgroup :) so I'll ask
>I'm trying to reconfigure my PHPMyAdmin.
>What do I add to my conf file so as in http://phpmyadmin.somehere.com/
>to a specific directory on my (windows) drive?
>For example, how would I point http://www.somehere.com// to a
>different directory than http://somehere.com/ , or
>http://123.somehere.com// to a different directory than
>http://456.somehere.com/ ?

This has nothing to do with phpMyAdmin or PHP.  This is a DNS issue.  What
you want is a canonical domain name, some folks refer to them as 'C' names
also.  You will need to request this addition with your isp.  Also, a new
virtual host will need to be added to Apache's config file.

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