Greg Donald wrote:
> On Sun, 3 Mar 2002, Jon Feldhammer wrote:
>>I'm trying to create a single dynamic header for a wide range of web
>>pages which I'll just include as I need it.  There are a few things that
>>change per web page in the header, but I've settled all the issues
>>except a good way of how to modify a single image that changes based on
>>the web page being displayed.
>>For example:
>>I'm displaying index.php, which includes 'header.php', the variable
>>$wpid indicates that the current web page is index.php.  Now index.php
>>needs to display: (changing index_off.gif to index_on.gif)
>>index_on.gif anotherpage_off.gif yetanotherpage_off.gif
>>(the tricky part is that each image will change to on depending on what
>>page is being displayed)
>>I really haven't come up with an adequate solution.  Ideas?  Thanks.
> I usually program dynamic image names when I encounter this.
> <?
> $image = "banner";
> if(isset($xmas_var)){
>       $image .= "_xmas";
> }
> $image .= ".gif";
> ?>
> <img src="<?=$image?>">

Well this is a solution I thought of, but then aren't you stuck doing 
this for every image that can change?  (like 20 of them in my case?)  I 
didn't think there was a better way, I was just hoping there was.


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