First, thanks for reading my post...I tried to post this yesterday but it
disappeared - so if you've seen this before, please ignore it...

I am needing to change the permissions on a folder that is owned by 'usr'.
However, as I am trying to do this from a browser through php, I am browsing
as user 'nobody' and therefore I cannot change the directory permissions.

Some things to note. I know that you can change permissions through ftp or
telnet, however I am trying to design a system that can be installed simply
by uploading it and then working through a browser. Many of my customers who
will use the system use dreamweaver to upload and have never heard of chmod.
I do not want to have to manually set permissions on the directories for

I am aware that php has some ftp functions and that these could possibly be
used to change the permissions. However, my ISP has not enabled these php
features and is unlikely to do so.

Is there another way? I know that you can use passthru() to chmod a dir (as
user 'nobody') - but that's about the extent of my knowledge.

Any help much appreciated.



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