Hello there, 

I'm having quite a few problems at the moment. The story is as follows. 

The designer created 14 HTML files. That includes two language versions
(so basically there are only 7 different files... the rest are same
files in a different language). One language is English, the second one
is Russian. I have to embed some PHP code so all the submitted data
would go into the database. 

I have never dealt Russian webpages before. My problem is that the
designer uploaded the files and the texts were already in Russian
before. Now, I did my modifications and uploaded the file. The forms
worked like charm, but the text looked completely different from what
there was before (I don't speak Russian myself, but one could easily see
that it wasn't the original text any more). 

Then I did another test. I downloaded a file, where the text was in
Russian, from the server and uploaded the *exactly* same file again. 

I stood there astonished -- the text changed again. This time, I made no
modifications, whatsoever. 

Does anybody have any ideas? Do I need to install Russian language packs
on my computer? Do I need to pass a header in PHP, which would define
the charset to use? Anything else? Which encoding to use (currently:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=koi8-r">)? 

Please let me know of your thoughts. 

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[dynamic web applications]
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