Hi again,

i just saw that others seem to have the same problem while trying to compile php with 
I saw the link to Rasmus's php & GD2 install guide and tried it that way, but still 
get the same error as before.

In file included from gd.c:36:
php_gd.h:69: warning: static declaration for `gdImageColorResolve' follows non-static
gd.c:92: conflicting types for `gdIOCtx'
/usr/src/gd-2.0.1/gd_io.h:18: previous declaration of `gdIOCtx'
make[3]: *** [gd.lo] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/php-4.1.2/ext/gd'

...i am quite confused.
Why does php need the "ext/gd" dir, although i compiled it with the GD-2.0.1 version?
...maybe thats my problem?
...or is it normal, that it does use the "ext/gd" files too?



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