On Mon, 4 Mar 2002, John Gurley wrote:

> Can someone pleas tell me if there is something funny when it comes to unix
> permissions and PHP. When php creates a file in unix the owner is
> nobody...does this raise any issues, and if it does could someone please
> tell me a web site where I could read more about this. Thanks alot.

PHP will always run as the same user as Apache runs as. This will often be
something like 'httpd', 'www_run', 'www', 'www-adm', etc but sometimes
user 'nobody' is used for this. So if any files are created by Apache
or PHP during normal operation, these will be owned by that user. The one
exception is the Apache log files - these are normally owned by root, the
user Apache's parent process runs as initially before it forks child
servers running as user 'nobody', etc.


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