I am able to create a session.  A cookie is set in the browser.  The variables I 
registered are in the session.  I can access it.

But I can't do anything that would modify or destroy the session.

Example: If I have a script:
    session_destroy() or die("Couldn't destroy");

PHP gives me this error:
"Warning:  Session object destruction failed in script.php on line (session_destroy 
line #)"

and I get my "Couldn't destroy" message.

And, in fact, the session file remains in my c:\temp folder, and next time a script is 
called and does session_start(), it gets all the original values of my session.

Similarly, in a different script, no matter what I do about changing my registered 
variables, next time a script is called with session_start(), the original values are 
still in the session.  I cannot do anything about changing the contents of a session 
at all.

(And the cookie is still set, but I know about how that works.  But I want to destroy 
the session on the server, which is what I thought session_destroy was supposed to do.)

Any ideas?

- Ken

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