This is not an answer to Patrick's question but a question similar to it.

I have been asked to propose the hardware for a PHP / MySQL Website.  The
site will be used to store and retrieve question papers for school students
(a question bank).  The questions will be stored in the MySQL database and
the questions will be a combination of HTML and images(for those complicated
Mathematical Formulae - Sigma, exponents, Integrals etc).  The site will be
accessed by about 700 people.  The site will be hosted on an internal LAN
and at the same time people on the outside can access the site through the

1. How do I go about sizing the hardware in terms of number of CPUs and RAM?

2. Also how do I go about choosing the correct bandwidth for the connection
to the internet?

3. I understand that the sizing should be based on the number of concurrent
users.  I hear that a thumb rule is to assume that the number of concurrent
users will be about 15%.  Is this correct?

4. Is there a relation between the number of concurrent users and the number
of hits?

5. Do I need to use the number of hits and calculate the size of each
request and then use that to calculate the size of the RAM?  Is there a
formula that I can use?

6. My gut feel is to suggest a Cobalt Cube with 1GB RAM and an ADSL
connection from one of the Service Providers here (in Singapore).  Would
this meet the above requirements?

Any suggestions on the above will be most helpful. I promise to compile the
answers into a document and post it back to the mailing list or FAQTS or any
other location where everyone can access it.

Best Regards
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