Take a look at the source HTML in your browser - you may be getting some 
"<" for example which would do that.

I really can't tell what it is for sure, but looking at the HTML source 
is generally a good idea...


Yuan Lu wrote:

>I am new to PHP and MySQL, and appreciate your help greatly.
>I create a simple one table database to list the seminar list. The fields
>are name of the speaker and the title along with other information. I used
>phpMyAdmin-2.2.1 to input the data and see that all the fields , including
>the fields that I couldn't get the values as described below, have proper
>When I retrieve all the fields from the same database from my little PHP
>program and display the result on a webpage (I use "select * from seminars
>order by datestr desc" to retrieve the records), I noticed that some records
>missed the name of the speaker field. Of about 80 records, I have 10 records
>have this problems.
>Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?
>Thanks for the help.
>Yua Lu

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