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> * and then Nick Winfield declared....
> > I didn't catch the first part of this thread (rampant 
> deletion ahoy) so
> > please excuse if I am talking nadgers.  The way I see it, if you are
> > calling includes/requires from within other includes, the 
> path is that of
> > the script that makes the first include.  If that makes any sense.
> Sure does, just wondered if anyone could see a way round my 
> little wish
> :-) AFAIK there is no easy way to do this and as neither the 
> manual nor
> this list has been able to tell me different I'll have to find another
> solution. Thanks for the help though!

H'mm, the only even *vaguely* useful thing I can think of here is that 
dirname(__FILE__) should give you the full directory path of the *current* include 
file.  Fine for "here-relative" names, but you'd need to manipulate it further to do 
the equivalent of ..-type relativities.



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