I hope maybe you can help me with this problem... I've been working with 
PHP/mySQL for about 6 months now, this is causing quite a headache!

When I try to send confirmation email (from a form the user fills out) - it 
works fine when sending within the company network but fails when sending to 
other emails (like hotmail accounts).

Any suggestions?

I have full rights to the php.ini file on our server, I've tried editing the 
send_mail path, nothing seems to work! The server is running on a Solaris 
5.8 machine - I'm assuming Apache server.

$email, $first, $last are pulled from a submitted form (using POST).

$welcome is a standard message used in several places - easier to change one 
file when changes are required.

$toaddressSent = $email;
$subjectSent = "$first $last, Your Request Has Been Received";
$contentSent = $welcome;

mail($toaddressSent, $subjectSent, $contentSent, $additionalSent);


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