Jon Abernathy wrote:

> After reviewing your code, I was wondering if there was a reason you aren't
> using PHP's built-in mail() function, rather that using popen() and a series
> of fputs(), which seems rather expensive, especially inside of a loop. Also,

Sounds like a much better idea, looking at the mail() function.  I'm 
more familiar with using sendmail etc., so I gravitated towards that - I 
should have examined my options more thoroughly.

> you only need to use set_time_limit() once, outside of your loop-- pass 0 as
> the parameter, which basically turns off the timeout.

Ahh, really.  That's interesting - I'd assumed that this wouldn't work 
as it would allow a badly-written script to get itself into some kind of 
infinite loop easier - but I'm sure you're right.

> Here's how I would code this:
>     $counter = 0;
>     set_time_limit(0);
>     if ( $fp = fopen($list, 'r') ) {
>         while ( $address = fgets($fp, 255) ) {
>             mail( $address, $subject, "header goes here\n$body\nfoot goes
> here\n", "From: Sender <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n" );
>             $counter++;
>         }
>         fclose( $fp );
>         print("Message successfully sent to $counter recipients from the
> $list");
>     }

Much more concise - thanks.

> Hope this helps.

Indeed it does - thank you (again) very much!


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